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A common symptom of wiki maintenance is the concept of a trivia section - an often bullet-pointed list of reportedly less important facts about an article, which usually manifests towards the bottom of a page.

Wikipedia's policy is to avoid creating trivia sections unless absolutely necessary. Our policy and reasoning is much the same, however given the content of our wikis, we advocate to avoid trivia sections entirely.


On Sonic Retro, this revision of Hidden Palace Zone (Sonic & Knuckles) had the following trivia section:

* The mural in the background where Sonic and/or Tails fight/-s Knuckles depicts/predicts the final battle in the [[Doomsday Zone]].
* If one is playing ''[[Sonic 3 & Knuckles]]'', and has collected one, some or all the [[Super Emeralds]], it/they can be seen placed around the Master Emerald. Oddly, if you reach this Zone in S3K and have all the chaos emeralds, and avoid S&Ks glowing special stage rings, it will still depict your emeralds as super emeralds. Despite this, your emerald count is unchanged, and you can still turn super.
* In addition, this is the area in ''Sonic 3 & Knuckles'' where the player is warped after taking a [[Giant Ring|giant special ring]] like the ones near the start of [[Mushroom Hill Zone]], which appear in every level until [[Lava Reef Zone]]'s Act 2.
* [[Game Secrets:Sonic 3 & Knuckles|Hidden area in Hidden Palace Zone]]

The first three points describe the layout of the stage, and so are better placed as part of the stage's description, detailed further up. The fourth point again describes the layout of the stage, but is also duplicated on another page.

Were this information incorporated into the relevant parts of the main article, this trivia section could be removed.


In the vast majority of circumstances where trivia sections exist, the facts can always be incorporated elsewhere. If it appears there is no place better for this information, chances are the article needs reformatting or expanding.

On the Retro family of wikis, no information is considered "trivial". This is in contrast to Wikipedia, which often strives for a general overview of subjects before redirecting its users to external sources. At Retro, as long as the fact can be proven and is relevant to the article, it is fair game and should be incorporated.