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A letter from the Publishers[edit]

Hello, Sega Gamers:

Welcome to the second fantastic issue of SEGA VISIONS™ , your exclusive hands-on guide to the latest in Sega excitement. VISIONS has game reviews, previews, the latest video news, and much, much more.

Judging from our readers' enthusiastic response, the Premiere issue was a smashing success. We're delighted with your compliments, critiques, creative ideas, and even your criticisms. We need your feedback to continue to offer the best video games and video game magazine around. So keep those cards and letters coming in. We love them all.

Sega gamers are the best. You didn't follow the pack when you chose your Sega system. You intelligently evaluated the field and discovered the Sega advantage. Your letters prove Sega is the leader in depth of play and quality of graphics, and you told us to let the world know.

And we are. Keep your eyes peeled this fall for our national advertising blitz. "Genesis Does What Nintendon't" shows the exclusive, hot, new games that Sega offers and "Nintendon't" - games like Michael Jackson's Moonwalker™, Joe Montana's Football™, Pat Riley Basketball™, Super Monaco GP™, E-SWAT™, James "Buster" Douglas Knockout Boxing™, Dynamite Duke™, The Sword of Vermilion™, Columns™ — the list goes on and on.

Plus, we've signed on 17 software development companies and plan to almost double that number by January, 1991. Tengen, Razorsoft, Seismic, and Electronic Arts are just a few that have joined the Sega team as third party licensees. And when you're buying their games, look for the Genesis Seal of Quality. This seal is your guarantee that the games that display it are Genesis-compatible and meet our high standards of action, graphics, and game play. Find out the latest news on all these great new games in every issue of Visions in our new section, "Party line" beginning on page 22.

We maintain our quality and excellence for one reason: you, the best and brightest video gamers. Together, you and Sega make an unbeatable team. Nintendo, beware! The Sega Generation is here!

Bob Harris & Al Nilsen

Nintendo is a registered trademark of Nintendo of America, Inc.


Sega Visions Vol 1 Issue 2 Oct/Nov 1990

Publishers: Bob Harris, Al Nilsen
Editor-in-Chief:James Kirkland
Editor: Arnie Katz
Managing Editor: MaryJane Surette
Senior Editor: Bill Kunkel
News Editor: Joyce Worley
Director of Operations: Kathleen Graveline
Operations Coordination: Naomi Okazaki
Correspondence Manager: David Boughner
Advertising Manager: Michael Shorrock
Associate Editors: Marjorie Gove, Bill Lewkowitz
Product Editors: Hugh Bowen
Games Strategist: Frank Tetro
Art Director: John Sprague
Assistant Art Director: Christine Barreira
Contributing Artists: Dave Sullivan, Susana Weber
Production Manager: John Sweeney
Production Associate: Gail Yazejian
DTP Consultant: Peter Ginsburg

Sega Visions"' is published bi-monthly by Sega of America, Inc.. 573 Forties Blvd.. So. San Francisco, CA 94080 in conjunction with The Communique Group, Inc. and Kate, Kunkel and Worley.

Single copy rates are U.S. 53.50; Canada and Mexico $4.95.

Copyright 1990 by Sega of America, Inc. All right reserved. Reproduction in whole or part without prior written permission of the publishers is prohibited. All submissions including, but not limited to, artwork, text, photographs and videotapes become the sole property of the publishers and may be used, reproduced or published as the publishers deem appropriate. Submissions cannot be returned; sender should retain a copy. Sega Visions is printed in the U.S.A.

Sega Visions, Visions™, and Niles Nemo™ name and logo are trademarks of Sega of America, Inc. All rights reserved. Sega Visions, The Communique Group and Katz, Kunkel and Worley assume no responsibility for damages due to errors, omissions, comments or opinions.

Sega Visions is created and produced by

The Communique Group. Inc.
42 Glen Ave., Newton Centre, MA 02159