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A list of frequently asked questions about Retro CDN. For more information, consult the help page.

What is Retro CDN?

Retro CDN is a central repository for all Retro wiki projects; Sonic Retro, Sega Retro and NEC Retro.

Sometimes two or more of our wikis require the use of the same file. Rather than making multiple copies of said file, the file is housed here, on Retro CDN, for all three wikis to access.

The relationship between the Retro wikis and Retro CDN is analogous to the many versions of Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons.

What should I upload here?

  • Anything set to be shared between multiple Retro wikis. For example:
    • Magazine scans which feature both Sonic the Hedgehog and Sega games
    • PC Engine screenshots of Sega games
    • Template images and files which all wikis can benefit from
  • Large files (more than 100MB). For example:
    • Big magazines
    • Big videos

What should I not upload here?

  • Sonic the Hedgehog-specific content - use Sonic Retro
  • Sega-specific content - use Sega Retro
  • NEC-specific content (that is games related) - use NEC Retro
  • Personal files

If there is unlikely more than one wiki will benefit, use the individual wiki file uploaders.

How do I upload?

We have two systems on Retro CDN:

The standard Mediawiki upload form

Best suited to smaller files and for editors who know what they're doing, the standard uploader is a no-frills option for getting files onto Retro CDN. It behaves exactly the same as those found on other Retro wikis - you add a file, check its name, add a description and click "upload".

Software restrictions mean the standard form will likely fail if the file is more than 100MB.

The "upload wizard"

Better suited to larger files, and those who prefer a nicer interface, the upload wizard will give step-by-step instructions on how to upload files, and can upload multiple files at once. It is the only way to upload files larger than than 100MB, although it will realistically cap out at 500MB.

I have a file that is more than 500MB, what should I do?

Contact an adminstrator. We do not forbid files larger than 500MB - it is purely a software restriction.

How do I replace a file that already exists?

When viewing a file, there will be an "Upload new version of this file link". Use this.

If the file you are replacing is over 100MB (and so would need the upload wizard), upload as if it were a brand new file (give it a different name) and contact a sysop or administrator. This is a technical restriction - they'll sort it out.

How do I use files uploaded to Retro CDN?

Exactly how any other wiki file is used:


Files on Retro CDN will work on Sonic, Sega and NEC Retro without any extra syntax.

How do I know if my file is good enough?

Consult the help page for guides, or ask around - someone will know the answer. Typically if a file needs attention, someone will contact you.

Do you already have this file?

If you can't find the file, the answer is "probably not". You should upload it.

What types of files do you want?


  • Images (PNG, JPEG, GIF)
  • Vectors (SVG)
  • Documents (PDF)
  • Magazine scans (PDF)
  • Audio (WAV, MP3)
  • Videos (MP4)
  • Archives (ZIP, RAR, 7Z)

Or as a general rule, "anything useful".

Can I use this file?


Everything uploaded to Retro wikis is being made available to the general public free of charge. We are more than happy for others to mirror the contents of our wikis or to distribute content as they see fit - the important thing is that the information is accessible.

Equally if you are uploading a file, you are agreeing to this philosophy. This is not a means of becoming rich and famous - the file you upload will be used.

Other questions

Contact a sysop or administrator. Sometimes wiki editing is not straightforward - it is good to talk.