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<span style="font-size:300%">'''Retro Manual of Style'''</span><br/>
[[File:Sonicretro-round.svg|40px|link=]] [[File:Segaretro-round.svg|40px|link=]] [[File:Necretro-round.svg|40px|link=]] [[File:Retrocdn-round.svg|40px|link=]]
The Retro family of wikis; [[sonic:Main Page|Sonic Retro]], [[sega:Main Page|Sega Retro]], [[nec:Main Page|NEC Retro]] and [[Main Page|Retro CDN]] all operate with a unified '''Manual of Style''' - a set of guidelines to ensure consistency across all four websites.
*[[Manual of style/Naming articles|Naming articles]]
*[[Manual of style/Naming files|Naming files]]
*[[Manual of style/Time and date|Time and date]]
*[[Manual of style/Trivia sections|Trivia sections]]

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