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The MediaWiki software powering Sonic Retro provides fifteen namespaces. A namespace is a "zone" that contains specific types of wiki content.

Regular namespaces

  • The main namespace is the zone for the actual content of Sonic Retro. It contains no prefix, and pages in this namespace are created simply by creating [[links]].
  • The Sonic Retro: namespace is the namespace for pages pertaining to the project. These pages might sometimes be referred to as "meta" pages.
  • The User: namespace is set aside for personalized pages pertaining to the contributors. This may include personal presentations, scratch pages, rough drafts, and archives of content. It is not intended for use as personal webspace.
  • The Talk: namespace contains discussion pages.
  • The Help: namespace is for pages that provide guidance for using the MediaWiki software.
  • The Image: namespace is created for image description pages that provide information concerning images. (This also applies to other kinds of media, such as sounds and movies.)
  • The Special: namespace is a namespace consisting solely of pages that are created by the MediaWiki software on demand (i.e. recent changes). These pages can be linked using the usual method, except when parameters are required (then the full URL must be used).
  • The Template: namespace is used to create customizable sections of text that can be included in multiple articles. The are included using the {{template}} markup. (See Templates.)
  • The MediaWiki: namespace is used to contain text clippings that allow customization of the wiki's user interface. Pages in this namespace may only be edited by the administrators.
  • The SCHG: namespace is a specialized namespaced used only for hacking guides and notes.

Talk namespaces

Each namespace (except for Special:) also has an associated Talk: namespace linked to it. These pages are set aside for discussion of the articles as necessary. Examples of the most frequently used Talk namespaces are:

  • Talk:
  • Sonic Retro talk:
  • User talk:
  • Image talk:

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