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In the course of operating the wiki, it may be necessary to revert certain pages. By doing this, an older version of an article is restored and subsequent changes are eliminated. (Those changes are still preserved in the article's history, however.)

To revert a page, do the following:

  1. Click on the "Page history" link, then select the link of the date and time of the earlier version that you wish to restore. (Note: Don't click "cur" or "last", but the actual date and time link.)
  2. You will see the full article, with a notice saying "Revision as of 11:47 Feb 26, 2004" under the title. Make sure that you've selected the correct version, then click "Edit this page".
  3. You will see a warning above the edit field, reminding you that you are editing an old version of the article. Ignore the warning and click the "Save page" button. (Be sure to add the word "revert" to the edit summary, along with a note of which version you're reverting to!)

In general, an article should only be reverted in case of vandalism or patent nonsense.